Employment Lawyers in Dubai

If you are on the lookout for professional and affordable employment lawyers in Dubai, then your search ends with Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants – Dubai’s top-rated law firm with proven expertise in handling employment-related legal matters. Whether you are in need of expert legal advice pertaining to your obligations as an employer or on the hunt for a result-oriented attorney who can assiduously represent your case of wrongful dismissal in a tribunal or a court, our qualified pool of labour lawyers in Dubai are there to assist you with all your consultation, litigation and arbitration needs in a seamless and an affordable manner.

Why Do You Need The Assistance of Professional Labour Lawyers in Dubai?

Luring millennials and expats from all over the world with its stable economy, non-taxable income provisions, rewarding salaries and a high standard of living, the UAE has gradually emerged as one of the world’s most sought after places for budding and tenured professionals who aspire to attain dizzying heights in their career with the country’s varied career prospects.

In the light of its booming employment industry and to promote fair employment practices at workplace, the United Arab Emirates embraces a robust labour law that provides holistic legal protection to the employees and the employers alike. However, while there are rules and regulations in place to curb and address wrongful modus operandi at work, not everyone is cognizant of their rights and entitlements when the need arises to exercise them. Hence, entailing the professional services of a reputable law firm becomes non-negotiable when you want to safeguard your interests as an employee or an employer. Leading law firms in Dubai like Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants are renowned for their legal expertise in handling various employment-related disputes that cannot be resolved by plain dialogue or by bringing into force the standard norms of the organisation.

Distinguished as a law firm with the best employment lawyers in Dubai, Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants boasts a competent legal team that comprises of local and international lawyers with widespread fame. Our labour lawyers in Dubai are eminent advocates who flaunt world-class qualifications from illustrious law universities across the globe. They bring to the table a wealth of experience in legal practice and are up-to-date with the latest international and UAE-specific labour laws that govern the day-to-day relations between employers and employees.

Our Niche Employment Law Offerings:

Offering services as diverse as providing sound legal opinion and advice on all your employment woes to handling employment disputes that fall within the Emirates jurisdiction, our capable and veteran lawyers at Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants will guide and handhold you throughout the entire spectrum of legal consultancy and representation before the UAE and DIFC courts. They have the legal prowess to assist you ably in all your employment-related grievances ranging from abrupt and unexpected dismissals at work to claiming of compensation for workplace-related injuries. Likewise, they will brief you on the various provisions embedded within the UAE Labour Law that empower you, as an employer, to protect your company’s trade secrets and do away with errant employees on specific grounds without giving them any prior notice or severance benefits.

Assuring you of quality services that are at par with international standards, our highly skilled team of employment lawyers in Dubai is also adept in handling other unlawful activities that warrant immediate legal attention such as a breach of the confidentiality clauses outlined within the employment contracts, occurrences of criminal activities at workplace such as theft and forgery, immoral dismissal of employees etc. At Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants, we also support you with complex employment-related documentation with far-reaching legal implications. They include drafting of appropriately worded offer letters, service agreements and formalising of Limited/Unlimited employment contracts that govern the compensation benefits applicable to employees and employers in the event of a premature contract termination.

In a nutshell, our vast gamut of employment law services includes:• Providing legal assistance for all types of employment cases

  • Drafting of employment contracts and offer letters
  • Handling cases pertaining to workplace-related injuries
  • Representing cases regarding unlawful termination of employees
  • Making employees and employers aware of their rights and duties towards each other
  • Initiation and closure of criminal proceedings (embezzlement, theft, forgery etc.)

Our Competitive Edge:

Emphasizing on fostering fruitful and long-term relationships with our clients, we are well-known for maintaining impeccable professionalism in all our dealings. At Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants, we value our clients immensely and strive hard to ensure that their satisfaction is guaranteed in every interaction with us. We seriously don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ kind of a strategy. Thus, our employment lawyers in Dubai go to great lengths to uncover every minutest of details from our clients in a respectful manner and come up with tailored legal solutions that are ethical, commercially viable and best suited for their distinct needs and circumstances. Needless to say, we ensure full transparency and integrity throughout their entire association with us and any information shared with us in good faith is always treated with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Celebrated Employment Lawyers in Dubai Who Offer Reasonably-priced Services That You Can Bank Upon:

Summon the reliable employment law services of Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates & Legal Consultants today if you want to rest in peace knowing that only the best of legal assistance will be at your disposal to help you uphold your interests and rights at all times in a personalised, timely and a cost-effective manner.